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Exmouth Ceramic Group first came into being over forty years ago when a group of adult education students converted a disused rifle range into the first ECG workshop. Floors were laid, workbenches built and finally with a donated kiln the group was ready for action. And so, it began – choosing and buying clays, loading and unloading the kiln, mixing and testing glazes, running classes – all the routines that still make our workshop the exciting, creative place it is today.

Twelve years ago, we had to find a new home for our workshop and discovered an unused garage in the grounds of the Rethink mental health charity building. “Rethink” was keen to offer pottery activities in their centre and so, our third and current workshop was created. Working alongside Rethink clients gave another focus to the group’s community involvement and proved, beyond doubt, the therapeutic value of creating with clay.

The organisation is now busier than ever, and the workshop shelves are constantly laden with pottery. But it continues to be managed by its members and everyone is expected to help with the many jobs necessary to keep the workshop running. Exmouth Ceramic Group became a charity in November 2018.

The Charity’s objectives are to promote the practice of pottery and advance public knowledge and appreciation of traditional ceramic arts and craft, in particular, but not exclusively, through education, advice and training.

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